This is the download area of the LARES toolset. It comprises a textual editor and a view-plugin for Eclipse to do modelling and analysis. The analysis back-end is CASPA which has to be installed to perform the analysis of the resulting SPA specification.

Note that all of these tools come from academic research. Therefore no warranty for this tools and their use can be given. The download and use of these tools is done at your own discretion and risk and with agreement that you will be solely responsible for the effects originating thereof.

  • Eclipse

    Download either the Juno or the Kepler release. If choosing the Eclipse Modeling Tools Package, the EMF plugins are included.

    Eclipse Website

  • LARES Editor Plugin

    There are several 3rd party plugins to be installed as depdendencies:

    • EMF (if not already included in the chosen Eclipse Package)
    • Epsilon (tested with v1.1.0.201310181557)
    • Xtext (tested with v2.4.3.v201309030823)

    Update Site: for Eclipse Juno/Kepler (update site)

  • LARES View Plugin

    There are 3rd party update-sites to be configured beforehand to resolve the dependencies:

    For visualisation purposes the GraphViz package might be installed in addition. It is recommended to set the path variables referring to the corresponding executables.

    Update Site: for Eclipse Juno

  • CASPA - Compositional Analysis of Stochastic Process Algebra

    • Linux (direct link not accessable yet)
    • Windows (direct link not accessable yet)

    Please request Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Siegle for a current version of CASPA